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One-on-one Wellbeing Coaching

We create a safe space for every client.


We offer 1:1 coaching session.

Contact us today for a free 10–30 minutes assessment call.

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Corporate Wellness Consultation

We help foster a healthy workspace for employees to thrive

We create strategies to manage employee’s lifestyle by implementing wellness intervention programs and preventive/proactive healthcare practices for employees, especially those with underlined diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disorder, depression, cancer e.t.c.

The 3R Retreat

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.

Our wellness retreat stands for RESET the mind, RECUPERATE the body and RENEW the self, in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It’s is a two night of mind & body upgrade for workaholics who are feeling burn out and in need of a break. The retreat comprises of series and wellbeing activities, yoga relaxation, self-discovery moment, fun games, art & craft, fine dinning with the violin etc.